Below is a sampling of some of my clips:


Sick Kids, desperate parents, and the battle for experimental drugs. Boston Globe Magazine (cover article), July 2015.

Drug pricing: a new prescription. Boston Globe op-ed. Sept 2014

‘Thigh Gap’: Reflection On Teenage Girls’ Latest Obsession, WBUR’s CommonHealth, October 2013.

Trial and too many errors. The Boston Globe, op-ed, April 2011

High hopes for a new kind of gene. Smithsonian Magazine, July 2009

Pregnancy problem is a heart warning. The New York Times, March 2009

New antibiotics-STAT. The Boston Globe, op-ed, December 2010

The infertility dilemma. The Boston Globe, op-ed, August 2010.

Multiple Births Persist as Doctors Buck Guidelines, The Wall Street Journal, Oct 2005

Glad to be asexual. New Scientist Magazine, October 2004.